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Since its beginning Blue Green Group successfully faced the strong changes the agricultural sector has suffered. With effort and dedication it has comprehended the requirements and challenges its customer face in a more and more competitive and globalized market.

The high diversity of supplies commercialized and the technical level the environment and plant demands, makes necessary to have an appropriate structure that allows satisfying the different necessities of our customers with specialists on each subject.

In Blue Green Group the specialty areas in which we offer products and services are:


Plant Growth Regulator 

Plant hormone are physiological intercellular messengers that are needed to control the complete plant lifecycle, including germination, rooting, growth, flowering, fruit ripening, foliage and death. In addition, plant hormones are secreted in response to environmental factors such as abundance of nutrients, drought conditions, light, temperature, chemical or physical stress. Hence, levels of hormones will change over the lifespan of a plant and are dependent upon season and environment.

The term “plant growth factor” is usually employed for plant hormones or substances of similar effect that are administered to plants. Growth factors are widely used in industrialized agriculture to improve productivity. The application of growth factors allows synchronization of plant development to occur.

Since 2003 our group are keen in the reaserach of this Area,we had a plant hormone research institute in JiangSu province and till now we had established two factory of plant hormone and plant nutrition in China. One of our group’s Doctor had publish his paper on the international magazine. Till now our group have a research institute and our main subject are plant crop life and how to make the crop growth well .



Lawn & Garden Porgram


This includes the whole line of products and services aimed at the construction, maintenance, and care of gardens, lawn areas, and

sports fields. These products and services are oriented both to the professional and the home markets offering lawn seeds, soil,

substrate and fertilizers.
We also provide a reliable after sales service, as well as specialized technical assistance for our customers. We sell lawn seeds imported from (USA, England) ,These seeds have been submitted to tests of species and varieties to check their capacity to adapt in our own experimental stations and subjected to a severe quality control process in Blue Green Group's authorized laboratories. To assure the construction and good care of a garden, we provide a wide verities of substrate, soil dressings and fertilizers, as well as phytosanitary products which guarantee an effective pest and disease control. For a more efficient service, two full lines of garden products have been designed. Home Line. Specially developed to fully satisfy an amateur's needs, when building and maintaining a garden. This line is sold through supermarkets, home centers, authorized dealers and specialized stores. Professional Line. Aimed to satisfy the needs of designers, building companies, sports clubs, or companies devoted to the construction and maintenance of large parks and garden areas. As part of our service area, we are able to supply modern sowing and over sowing machines which are specially designed for golf courses and sports fields.


Fertilizer Division


Humic acid powder and granular: Granular humic acid maid with cold press machine (it is irregular shape) that range of humic acid is 50 to 70%. They come from huge mines of leonardite in Iran.

Humic Acids are complex organic molecules formed by the breakdown of organic matter in the soil. Humic acid contains many functional chemical groups that are highly active in chelation and mobilization of plant nutrients. A complex organic compound, humic acid has recently had its structure determined by nuclear magnetic resonance.

Humus is a complex aggregate of brown to dark colored substances, which originated during decomposition of plant and animal residues. Chemically, humus is a very complex mixture of organic constituents which have their original counterparts in living plant tissue. The end results of microbial activity and breakdown of humus are collectively known as HUMIC ACIDS.


Improves water holding capacity of soil.

Large amounts of humate material resists droughts more effectively and

produce better yields where rainfall or irrigation may be insufficient.

Improves the workability of soil.

Reduces soil erosion by increasing the cohesive forces of fine soil particles.

Possess high ion-exchange capacities thus making possible better retention and

Utilization of fertilizers and preventing leaching away from the root zones.

Liberates carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonates and thus make it available

To the plant through the roots.

Increase plant nutrition by supplying available trace and minor elements.

Reacts with salt solutions to protect plant roots. In alkaline soils, humus

Reduces the amount and activity of high soil pH. In acid soils, humus absorbs and

Combines and retains certain toxic soluble aluminum compounds.

Promotes soil drainage.

Prevents cooking of plants in residual water.

Improves sugar content of fruits and vegetables.

Increases seed germination rates.

Produces stronger, faster growing seedlings.

Prevents crusting of soils.

Increases plant recovery after mowing or damage.

Increases total growth of plants and yield.

Decreases cost of irrigation.

Prevents leaching of chemical fertilizers.

Speeds decomposition of poisons.

Helps in balancing soil pH.

Increases root system development



Animal Nutrition Division


Extensive research and development of every product we have

In Blue Green Group we have actively participated in chicken diary & livestock production development. Our commitment is to provide products that will maximize animal production. Our focus is not just on the pastures yield. We work for supplying the product will increase the meat and milk production. Blue Green Group has selected amongst the world best providers, testing how their materials adapt to our regional conditions. For instance, a recent project developed for our Division was the introduction of Cover Crops for pistchio in newzealand.



Vegetal Nutrition Division


The plant nutrition, the use of plant growth regulators and fertilizer and plant nutrition amendments is a fundamental issue in today’s agricultural production.

The quality of the exports demanded by nowadays markets requires of specialized fertilization, with efficient products and of high quality.

In Blue Green Group with our experience in the development and introduction of products for the farming sector, we have something to contribute.

It is why that from the year 2003 Blue Green Group counts on a Division completely dedicated to this area.


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Now, our company Asia Pacific Crop Life is dedicated to transform our experience management into A good organization always attracts ordinary people to do extraordinary cause [more]

Now, our company Asia Pacific Crop Life is dedicated to transform our experience management into scientific and cultural management. A good organization always attracts ordinary people to do extraordinary causes[more]

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