Corporate Culture

Blue Green group is a team full of vigour and vitality, we advocate winning the bright future through hard working, We demand all staffs to be higher, faster and stronger. Our group also provide opportunities for all staffs to have on-the-job trainings and dispatch the excellent managers to study a course of MBA in the world wide.

Blue Green group encourage staffs to lift self through work and study and overpass the limit of old minds through sharing knowledge and teamwork. Based on the continuous study, staffs set up higher aspiration; team is stronger and our company has brighter future.

we strive to provide a nature and healthy food for the plant and human being.and we believe it is the right and easy way of doing business.


Our aim:

We aim to give you the highest quality product .The most important for our group is strength and quality, we are confident that our superior quality products and good service will satisfy customers both at home and abroad .We look forward to develop new business relationship with more customers all over the world!

Our misson :

We love nature. We pursuit the harmonious development of nature and human.

we are aim to offer the suitable product for the crop and the human survival environment , We hope through our hardwork to making the sky even blue and the environment even green .


Our principle :

Professional :focus on the plant subject

Detail : pursue the better and better

Quality: make the top quality product

Professional is an important precondition and reliable guarantee for us to complete all tasks and meet the needs of clients.
Young and capable, our company staff is able to provide clients with high-efficiency and high-quality service on the time when clients request.
We’d like to share the value with clients, to share the happiness with friends, and to share the success with families.
Being like an Awl
For our staffs, it is to insist until achieving the goal, to keep forward and never back down no matter what difficulties we face.
For our company, it is to catch the chances from the market, combine with the self ability and then reach the target. It is a persevering and offensive spirit.

Collaboration Spirits:

The collaboration spirit we Asia Pacific Crop life believe in is: To reach an agreement through communication, to achieve progress through solidarity, to pursue win-win situation through cooperation.


About Us

Our Purpose

 We are with responsibility for human and the whole world. Provide more green healthy food and conception. Provide better environment for producing , living, and protect nature creatives. Provide reliable tax payment. Join more charity career. to help more weak minority.[more]

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