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our group is dedicated to transform our experience management into scientific and cultural management. A good organization always attracts ordinary people to do extraordinary causes. By recruiting sufficient professional staff these years, our company keeps on building up management modules of the system to form a perfect management system. Meanwhile, our group establishes five scientific management concepts which are in line with the company’s a long-term development

Now in Blue green group there are around 100 staffs and the average age is 35, among them 76% have got bachelor degree. The most important part is located in Jiangsu China. The team of high-level managers are international and professional .Blue green group has set up perfect organizational structure which has improved the efficiency and production capability, also enhanced the ability to face the further challenges.

Blue Green group will completely practice the new working chart and improve the inner structure links of HR, financial management, trading business operation and corporate cultureIt changes all staffs’ spiritual outlook and established a base for the proceeding development.

Blue Green Group has set appointed agrochemical production bases authorized by government, specializing in processing agrochemical formulations for export. The bases lie in jiangsu province and Henan  province separately and have superior location and comprehensive facilities. The factories have beautiful environment and automatic production lines.

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