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Company introduction

Blue Green Group Mission:

Make the sky bluer, Earth greener, Life more splendid!

Our group has the mission to make the sky bluer, the ground greener, and life more splendid! We have developed into a group company over the years: including: Asia pacific Chemicals Co., Ltd., Asia-Pacific Crop Life Research Center, Zhengzhou Create Green Technology Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Blue Green Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.

As a global integrated enterprise, we have been involved in the business fields of pesticide ,plant growth regulator ,foliar fertilizer ,plant nutrition ,humic acid , garden care, house cleaning products and so on .Till now, our business had reached  Sixty five countries, such as, East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America , we have also established our sales office in the Vietnam, ,Iran, UK and Canada.

Blue Green Group- Asia Pacific Chemicals has successfully managed the business of agrochemicals more than 15 years. And our products cover many areas . The scope of our products includes plant growth regulator,plant nutrition , fertilizers ,fine chemical in agrochemical area,We respect every customer’s choice and hope to make the win-win cooperation with our customers through systematic analysis and research.  We have done complete study about crop growth season, major agrochemicals, registration and management policy and channels of distribution in various countries. 

Blue Green Group- Asia Pacific Chemicals has abundant resources we can take advantage of in China ,Which helps us supply our products in a  more attractive and competitive price .We are confident that we can create growing valuable opportunities for our cooperative partners. We are working harder to provide agrochemical products with low toxicity and good quality for our end-users .

Blue Green Group- Asia Pacific Chemicals is confident in becoming the most professional and largest group company which involves the field of agrochemical manufacture with high quality and expert service.

Our prouction base ,Zhongwei Chunyu Industrial Park Which covers an area of 66700 square meters , with a planned total investment of 200 million yuan. At present, 120 million yuan has been invested, and the first phase of the construction area is more than 30,000 square meters. There are 8 workshops including research and development building, comprehensive building, liquid factory, powder factory, synthesis workshop, and a storage center. The sewage treatment station covers the area of 150 square meters and the supporting sewage treatment tank with 1,300 cubic meters.

We believe that Blue Green Group will create more products and we will go  further with you due to the support of our customers.Thank you very much .

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.