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Tree drip liquid

According to the growth characteristics of coniferous trees (pine, cypress, fir), the special drip liquid for conifers is developed by combining advanced technology and special formula after years of practical experience and exploration. With strong pertinence, it can supplement nutrients and substances needed for various coniferous tree species, enhance the resilience of coniferous tree species such as pine, cypress and fir, and improve the survival rate of transplanting.
1.promote the development of the root, sturdy trunk, improve the transplanting survival rate;
2.prevention and treatment of physiological diseases, enhance the tree body resistance;
3.Quickly offering nutrition in growing stage , storing nutrtion in dormancy stage ;
4.Low dosage, quick effect, high efficiency, ECO friend .
Usage and dosage:
1.Dilute the solution by 500-600 times and put it in the needle bag.
2.Drill a hole in the trunk of a tree 30-50cm above the ground and insert the needle head.(the depth of the hole shall be subject to the xylem.)
3. Fix the bag on the tree;
4. Adjust the dosage of liquid by the size of tree
DBH 10cm 20cm 30cm 40cm 50cm
Drip liquid(bag) 1 3 5-6(in batches) 8-9(in batches) 14-15((in batches))
1.During the construction of garden engineering, please follow the standard of garden transplantation in coniferous trees attention to the sealing of the tree hole after using
3.This product also has a good effect on the rejuvenation of ancient trees
4.Store with sealed in a cool and dry place.
5.Avoid the use of conifer trees during the gelatinization period