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Product name:6-Benzylaminopurine(6-BA), 6-benzyladenine

Character :
Appearance:White crystals
Melting point: 230-233 °C
Loss on drying: 0.5%
Residue on ignition: <0.05%
Regarding to the 6-BA, its usage on different plants and its function as below:

1.To accelerate plant growing: spray the rice, wheat, barley by 10-20mg/kg, is can increase their weight, and increase yield.

b.To used on cucumber: After blossom out 2-3 days, pls dip the little cucumber by 50-100mg./L liquid, it can improve the nutrition translate, and enlarge the cucumbers.

c.To soak the seeds of wheat, corn, pea etc by liquid, it can accelerate the plant burgeon and rooting, increase output.

d.To soak the seeds of radish by 1mg./kg or spray the radish during the young plant period by 4mg/kg, it can increase the radish weight.

2.To accelerate fruit setting:

a.Orange: To spray the yong fruits after blooming period by 20-50mg/kg;

b. Apple: To spray the leaves by 200mg/kg, when the flowers begin fade, accelerate the fruit-setting ratio, improve fruit color;

c.Grape: To spray the plant by 100-200mg/kg liquid add 10mg/kg GA-3 before blooming period, it can increase fruit quantity, and made the grapes have no seeds;

d.Melons: When melons blooming period, to dip the young melon stems by 1% liquid, it can increase fruit setting ratio;

e.Tomato: To dip the flowers before bloom period by 20-50mg/kg, it can increase output and improve fruit quality.

3.To keep the vegetable fresh, prevent vegetable from aging.

a.After you pick vegetables, soak by 5-10mg/kg, it can make the vegetables fresh longer;

b.To spray the rice by 5-10mg/kg liquid during 1-5 leaves period, it can prevent rice from aging, and keep rooting activity, increase survive-ratio transplant rice seedlings.

c.To fruits, pls dip them by 10mg/kg liquid after picked, it can keep fruit fresh period.