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Water-retaining agent (SAP)


1. Wide application scope: it can maintain its stability and efficiency under various soil, plants and climatic conditions.

2. High water absorption and water retention: reduce evaporation, infiltration and water loss, and keep the soil moist for a long time.

3. Modified soil: it can improve the permeability of the soil, stimulate the vitality of microbes, and decrease alkali to prevent infiltration.

4. Promote growth: seed germination rate can be increased, seedling emergence can be advanced, root growth can be promoted, and survival rate of plant transplantation can be improved.

5. Save fertilizer: while saving water, the fertilizer will not be wasted due to evaporation, infiltration and loss, so as to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.


1.The dosage of sandy soil improvement: 5-8 g / ㎡

2.The dosage of alkaline soil improvement: 3-5 g / ㎡

3.Seed dressing: use the water-retaining agent and seed at 1:25 ratio.

4. Planting seedlings: Young trees:20-30g/ plantAdult trees: 40-60g/ plant


1. Mix well with the soil

2. Water should be permeated after application

3. Factors determining the dosage:

A: Plant type: afraid of drought-plants should more than drought-tolerant plants

B: climatic conditions: under dry conditions, the dosage should be larger than usual

C: soil properties: the amount of sandy soil is larger than loam, and loam is larger than clay.