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Potassium Humate


Product name : Potassium humate

Appearance : It is black powder, flakes or granule.


Potassium Humate             75%Min  75%Min   80%Min  85%Min  

Humic Acid (dry basis)       45%Min  45%Min   50%Min  60%Min  

K2O                      7-8%     9-10%      9-10%    9-10%      

Moisture                 15%Max  15%Max  15%Max  15%Max

PH Value                 8-9             9-10           9-10     9-10   

Form:      In granule 2-4mm or powder 80-120mesh

Remark: the content of K2O can be adjusted as per request.       


1)  In agriculture, used as multi-functional compound fertilizer after combination with the elements of nitrogen and phosphorus, also used as soil ameliorator, plant growth stimulant and fertilizer efficiency promoter.

2)  In industry: Used as drilling mud treatment agent, ion exchange, waste water  treatment compound, heavy metal adsorbent ,in compound fertilizer as a splicing so on.