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Bio-fulvic acid


Product name : Bio-Fulvic acid

Appearance : light yellow or brown yellow powder,


BFA content :   95%   85%   75%

PH:          5-6、  5-6    5-6

Trace element : 15%   13%    10%

Amono acid:   10%   9%     8%

Water unsoluble: 0.2-0.3%   0.2-0.3%   0.3%

Moisture::   3-5%     3-5%       5%

Mesh :         150       150        150


1) Drought Resistance Agent

When spraying on plants, this product can inhibit expansion of stomata on plant leaves so as to decrease transpiration of water in plants. Spraying two to three times during growth period of crops, this product can enhance drought resistance and resistance on dry and hot wind. Generally, the effect may last  about 15 days one time spray . 

2) Stimulation Growth Agent

Spray of this product can increase activity of various enzymes and content of chlorophyll. This product has functions of protecting permeability of plant cell membrane, increase resistance on low temperature and plant pathogens or insects. It can also regulate and stimulate crops to grow, increase their quality, and make crops increase yield 10-15%.

3) Synergist Agent

Fulvic Acid can be used for foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer and a variety of chemical pesticides additives, has obvious synergism; can also be used for livestock, poultry, fish feed additives, a main agent or synergis of veterinary drugs to control disease on a variety of livestock and poultry and aquaculture

Usage and Dosage:

1) Drought Resistance Agent or Foliar Fertilizer:10-30g powder or 200g liquid per time per acre, add 15-45 kg water to dilute 1500 and then spray, and spray 2-3 times during the whole growth stage or before drought;

2) Additives:100-300 mg/L in used fertilizers or pesticides;