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Wanminsong Fertilizer


Functional features:

1. According to the characteristics of nutritional requirements of crops in different growth periods, the scientific nutrient content can meet the needs of crops in different periods;

(1) high potassium type: 11-5-34+TE, used for fruit swelling

(2) balanced type: 18-18-18+TE, used for fruiting bud stage and nutrition growth stage of solanaceous fruit.

(3) high-nitrogen type: 28-15-10+TE, used in the young sprout extraction stage of fruit tree and leafy vegetables.

2. It is rich in chelate trace elements, which promote absorption, prevent physiological diseases and promote healthy growth of crops

3. The technology is supported by sino-canadian international center for plant nutrition research, which has strong solubility and high utilization rate.

Applicable crops:

Apple, grape, cherry, jujube, citrus, mango and other fruit trees;

Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

Watermelon, melon, strawberry and other fruits;

Cabbage, celery and other leafy greens


According to the amount of basal fertilizer application and current crop growth, combined with different growth periods of crops, the corresponding formula was selected for irrigation, spraying or drip irrigation. 5-10kg is about for 667 square meters, the interval is 7-10 days.