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Organic fertilizer synergist



Black crystal powder, weakly alkaline, easily soluble in water, stable at room temperature, and can be mixed with various organic fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, base fertilizers and other fertilizers.

Regardless of effective nutrient form or stress environment (drought, low temperature, saline-alkali, acidification), it can enhance plant cell penetration potential, accelerate the circulation of cell protoplasm, improve the ability of plants to absorb organic fertilizers and nutrients in the soil, and improve Organic fertilizer effect.

Organic fertilizer synergist can release the organic matter and nutrition elements orderly, which matches the period of the crop demand, and makes up for the shortcomings of the rapid distribution of organic fertilizer and the slow release of nutrients, thereby reducing the amount of organic fertilizer input.

Regulate the fertilizer,soil,plant system, promote the division and elongation of plant cells, stimulate root growth, early growth and rapid onset, induce adventitious roots and lateral root formation, and quickly develop into explosive root systems with thick, strong roots and deep roots.

Applicable : suitable for all crops

Dosage: Add Organic fertilizer synergist 200-500g per ton of organic fertilizer.