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Gibberellic acid 6%SL


Gibberellic acid 4%SL

For agriculture use ,and for organic production.

Gibberellic acid 4%SL liquid contains approximately 1.0 gram active ingredient per fluid ounce of promulated product.
Application Instructions:
Gibberellic acid 4%SL contains gibberellic acid, which is an extremely potent plant growth regulator; when applying plant growth regulators, deviations from the label directions in the rates, timings, water volumes, or the adoption of untested spray mixes, results in undesirable effects. Always consult the Valent Agricultural Specialist in your area for the spray regimen best suited to your conditions.
Do not apply to plants under pest, nutritional, or water stress.
When a range of rates is indicated, use the concentration and spray volume directed locally by the Valent Agricultural Specialist.
For optimum effectiveness, thorough spray coverage must be achieved; all parts of the plant or crop must receive the spray or desired results will not occur. Prepare solution concentrations by mixing the required amount of product with water in a clean, empty spray tank. Dispose of any unused spray material at the end of each day following local, state or federal law.
For most efficacious results, the water pH is best at 7.0, and always below 8.5.
BGGibb 4% applications made under slow drying conditions (cool to warm temperatures, medium to high relative humidity, and no wind) will increase absorption by the plant, thus optimizing effectiveness. Night time applications are encouraged when daytime conditions are not conducive to slow drying conditions.
Product persistence: Re-apply BGGibb 4% if significant rain occurs within 2 hours of application.
For more info of use detail please contact with us.