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Quick Soluble Boron


Soluble Boron called water soluble Disodium Octaborate tetrahydate,it is designed reminder: canola, cotton, fruits and vegetables, fruit trees, crops such as roots, stems, flowers, buds, ear growth quick Boron. After use can induce a variety of crops growing stems, increased flower bud growth to fruit, grain is more full. And can effectively prevent a variety of physiological diseases, ensure that the various crops yield increase15-45%. . 

Character :

1. Content: pure boron content ≥ 21%, sodium borate content ≥ 99.5%. 
2. Dissolving fast: fast dissolution rate (10-20 seconds), even at low temperatures, fast dissolving into the water or viscous liquids, and pesticides can be mixed directly. 
3 easy to absorb: the plants quickly after application leaves, stems, flowers, fruits absorption and utilization of crop fertilizer effect is obvious. 
4 mixed good, near-neutral aqueous solution can be mixed with most of the application of chemical pesticides. 
5 increase yield: soil boron deficiency, the application of this product, can increase 15-45%, and significantly improve the quality of crops. Small investment, quick, quality improvement, and improve crop resistance.
6 easy and safe to use: can be quickly dissolved at any temperature spraying, soil, crop residue-free.
Mechanism of water soluble boron or other pesticides directly mixed with dubbed 0.1-0.15% (700-1000 times) in aqueous solution, boron peak in the crop (such as seedlings late bud stage, early flowering, young fruit, pod period, etc.) pesticide crop spraying in the leaf surface, the roots, the soil surface. Efficient water soluble boron (in B (OH) ions form) from the leaf surface or is absorbed into the plants roots, and through the plant phloem, xylem with the material flow cycle plants need boron to the plant parts (new leaves, stems , bud, flower, fruit, seeds) to meet the job requirements for boron. 
Application range of vegetables: cabbage, leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, celery, potatoes, radish, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and so on. 
Economic categories: rape, sugar beet, tea, sunflower, cotton, peanut, oil palm, soybean and so on. 
Fruit categories: apple, citrus, grapes, pears, peaches, chestnuts, dates, bananas, olives, coconut, longan, cherry, mango, lychee. Field categories: soybean, corn, rice, wheat, etc. Flowers: chrysanthemums, carnations, gladiolus, roses, tulips and so on. 
Garden categories: pine, eucalyptus, birch, poplar, etc. Main application: fertilizer, Plant growth regulators, foliar boron deficiency. Note: The product solution close to neutral (pH7.6), mixed with a variety of pesticide degradation does not occur, and itself is a good insecticide, disease prevention, anti-corrosion disinfectant.