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Alga BG21 (Seaweed Extract Powder/Flake)


Product character:

Black or brown powder/flake, water soluble, pH=8-10
Main ingredient:
Alginic Acid: 8-15%, organic matter≥50%, N≥0.5%, P2O5≥3.0%, K2O:18-22%, much secondary element and microelements, cytokinin, betaine, vitamine, trehalase, amino acid.
Improve crop's quality, enhance resistance of crops, induce plants to enhance resistance to disease, meliorate soil, increase yield for 15 to 30%.
Method of application:
Spraying: Diluted with water by 1:2500-3000.

The crops with one picking: To spray 3~4 times in whole growing period.
The crops with several picking: To spray after each picking.
Drip Irrigation: Diluted with water by 1:2500-3000. Dosage: 1.5-3 kg/ha.

To apply 3~4 times in whole growing period.
1. Good effect can be received if used in the evening or morning.
2. Respray if raining is available within 8 hours after spraying.
Validity:Three years

Packing: 20Kgs/Carton or 20Kgs/Bag