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Seaweed extract green 40%


Product character:

Green powder, water soluble
Main ingredient:

Formulation I
Alginic Acid:20 g/L, organic matter≥100 g/L, N≥5 g/L, P2O5≥0.5 g/L, K2O≥50 g/L, much secondary element and microelements, cytokinin, betaine, vitamine, trehalase, amino acid.

pH=5-10, specific gravity: 1.10-1.15

Formulation II

Alginic acid≥20 g/L, Organic matter≥90 g/L, N≥1.5 g/L, P2O5≥80 g/L, K2O≥140 g/L

pH=5-8, specific gravity: 1.25-1.28

Have double efficacy of pesticide and fertilizer, improve crop's quality, enhance resistance to adversity, meliorate soil, increase yield for 15 to 30%, enhance crop's resistance to disease and bacilli.
1. Good effect can be received if used in the evening or morning.
2. Respray if raining is available within 8 hours after spraying.
3. Adding the other factors into the liquid is not allowed.
Validity: Two years

Packing: 200 Liters/drum or required by customers