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Amino Acid Powder


Made of natural keratoprotein protein, hydrolyzed in hydrochloric acid, then processed in hydrochloric acid hydrolysis, the decolorization, deacidification, desalination, spray drying and other series of processing of the product, It contains 18 kind of free amino acids. The total amino acid content is 40%-50%.

Amino acid is the basis of life material, it is the important nutrition materials for animal and plant need. This product is a kind of more economic amino acids source,it is also a green nutrtion for plants and aminoal . according to the characteristics of the product, the users can directly used for various plant nutrition products. Each amino acid composition as table 1:
item content(%)       item content(%)           item  content(%)
Threonine  3.37            Aspartic acid 2.38              Tyrosine  0.66
Stupid acid 0.94            Serine  4.95                      Lysine  2.61
Glutamic acid  8.93        Proline  8.92                     Glycine  1.78 
Arginine  4.23               Alanine  1.86                     L-histidine  0.25 
Elevated  1.98               Isoleucine  1.29                 Valine  2.73 
Leucine  2.56                 Methionine  1.46 

Total amino acids 50.00 %
Yellowish-white powder, soluble in water, moisture absorption sex, has the Special Aromatic Smell.
2.Function and affect
Nitrogen content is about 22%, and including inorganic nitrogen and organic nitrogen,It have a function of offering the has long-term and short-acting nitrogen for plant ,suitable use for foliar spraying, it also use as the raw material chelated with trace elements.
A The product easy absorption the moisture, keep out of moisture.
B, Using as feed additives no need broken into piece ,just mixed with the the the material after broken into pieces ,in order to avoid adhesion equipment.

20 kg/bag (the plastic woven bag inner with PE bag)